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macadamia nut sheller

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2016 / 11 / 27

macadamia nut sheller

Introduction of macadamia nut sheller
Macadamia nut sheller machine is professionally used for breaking the hard shell of nuts,  It can break different size of shell by changing the space between rollers.
Feature of macadamia nut sheller
1) This macadamia nut sheller machine is used to crush the hard shell of the macadamia nut. It is suitable for all different sizes of macadamia.
2) The machine is composed by two parts which is showed in the picture.
3) The machine has its own special transmission system and beating system to make sure the raw material will be broken to remove the shell easily.
4) Most advanced designed macadamia shelling machine, to make sure the raw material will be broken to remove the shell easily and not hurt the kernel.
5) Low damage rate.
6) High shelling rate, can reach to over 98%, almost 100%.
7) Very good quality, suitable to various sizes of macadamia or Almond.
Technical parameter of macadamia nut sheller

3 kw
220(V)/ 380 (V)
286 kg
800-1200 kg/h
Broken rate
Damage rate
Peeling rate
Cleaning rate
Loss rate

Factory storage of macadamia nut sheller

macadamia nut sheller

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