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peanut sheller

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2016 / 11 / 27

peanut sheller

Introduction of peanut sheller
The peanut sheller are used for shelling the hard cover to get the peanut seeds and its hard cover, the seeds is used for the food or the raw materials for the oil plant; the cover could be pelleted for the fuel.
Features of peanut sheller
1.peel spin rotation rolling boil dry wood using the principle of stripping selection of electric   screening level. 
2.High quality of peel spin roll, low seed breakage rate, the machine shell made of iron powder craft, beautiful and durable. 
3.motor voltage can be 20V and 380V The new copper motor, longer life. 
4.carefully designed special hair dryer,wind distribution, enabling efficient separation of seed and shell, optimization of seed recovery.
Technical parameter of peanut sheller

stripping rare >95%
crushing rate <5%
degree of cleanliness >95.5%
dimension 1200x660x1240mm
motor 2.2kW
weight 137kg

Factory image of peanut sheller

peanut sheller

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