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hemp sheller

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hemp sheller

Introduction of hemp sheller
Hemp Sheller is suitable for shelling the hemp/groundnut, separate the hemp into seeds and hull completely. Also suitable for peeling the tea seeds, separate completely the kernel and hull.
Feature of hemp sheller
1.high quality and high efficiency
2.Shell and thresh grain completely , and low damage and breakage rate
3.Easy to clean and operate
4.It is multifunctional,not only can thresh rapeseed,quinoa,chia and sesame, but also 
thresh rice and wheat and soybean.
5.small size, easy to move, it's the best choice for home use or for small farm 
6.it can match with motor ,diesel engine.
7.It’s comprised of frame,fan,rotor,single-phase motor,screen mesh (big and small),feed hopper,vibration screen,V-belt pulley and transmission V-belt.
8.Hemp will be quantitatively,evenly and continuously fed into the hopper and then the shell is crushed through repeated beating,friction and collision by the rotor.
9.Under the air pressure and beating of rotor,particles and peanut shells pass through the screen mesh (large size screen mesh for the first time unshelling and the second one for small size screen mesh).
10.Then,light hemp shells are blown out and particles are screened to achieve separation.
Technical parameter of hemp sheller

stripping rare >95%
crushing rate <5%
degree of cleanliness >95.5%
dimension 1200x660x1240mm
motor 2.2kW
weight 137kg

Factory image of hemp sheller

hemp sheller

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