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Peanut Oil Extraction Machine With Quality Assurance

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2018 / 06 / 12

Peanut Oil Extraction Machine

Nowadays, the society needs everyone to innovate, and we manufacturers pay more attention to this point. In the process of developing circular economy, we attach great importance to scientific and technological innovation and technological progress, and establish the concept of scientific and technological innovation. In China, the peanut oil extraction machine is an industry full of space. The peanut oil extraction machine is the introduction of Korea's advanced technology, vacuum filtration, and automatic temperature control. The product oil is of good quality.
Peanut oil extraction machine are now mainly used for processing in rural areas. Or it can be used for on-site processing in urban areas. This will make the production more transparent and give customers more confidence. There are great benefits to business development. Many regions now operate according to this model, and their profits are quite rich.
Hengtong peanut oil extraction machine adopts new production technologies. In the market, the production technology of oil press equipment is generally spiral and hydraulic. Such production processes are relatively advanced at present. The use of these squeezing processes can ensure the most primitive nutrient content of oil materials, and can also ensure the oil extraction rate is relatively high, and the equipment can be used in multiple machines to better achieve a high degree of resource utilization. Taiwan's new peanut oil extraction machine equipment can be used for the pressing of a variety of materials.
As a large agricultural country, the output of crop oil alone is as high as billions of tons each year. Most of these oils are squeezed into edible oils that we cannot eat without meals, but there are still plenty of them. With the improvement of people's living standards, people not only have to eat but also have to eat healthy. Either way, it brings additional income to farmers and farmers. In the edible oils bought in supermarkets, consumer friends did not personally see the entire crushing process, plus one edible oil merchant, but also earned black money, in order to sell high prices, adulteration phenomenon, there is still serious Security risks. The birth of the peanut oil extraction machine can make full use of the oil and crush it into edible oil for human consumption.
The material of the peanut oil extraction machine is made of high-quality steel, thickened by the national standard, precision casting wear-resistant materials, and durable. According to many years of experience in the production of peanut oil extraction machine in our factory, the normal use of the oil press has no problem in using it for five years. Some customers who use better the equipment that was produced in 1989 are still in use.
The lifespan of peanut oil extraction machine varies from person to person, and varies depending on the operation. Different operators and different methods of operation will determine the life of the peanut oil extraction machine. Therefore, in order to extend the life of the peanut oil extraction machine, A detailed understanding of the basic structure and work flow of the peanut oil extraction machine can be obtained by understanding the weak links of the peanut oil extraction machine to determine how to maintain and effectively extend the life of the peanut oil extraction machine.

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