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Hydraulic Oil Press Machine cacao processing technology

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2017 / 08 / 25

 Hydraulic Oil Press Machine

Hydraulic Oil Press Machine cacao processing technology

Cocoa bean has been screened, roasted, cracked and broken, cacao paste, crushed, etc. A series of processing processes, made cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

The cocoa beans are removed, filtered, and out of dust and magazines before making oil.The main purpose of roasting is to remove the organic acid from the cocoa bean, to produce the fragrance, the outer shell is brittle and easy to remove the shell, so that the cocoa bean has sufficient plasticity, is conducive to the ground paste.Baked in a circular rotating in the frying pan, by hot air heating, temperature of about 120 ~ 125 ° C, stir time about 20 minutes.Cocoa beans and broken on the roll crusher, material temperature control in the 60 ~ 70 ° C, for the shell.After crushing, the shell is about 1%.A cacao bean broken into 4 ~ 6 petals for good;Use high frequency vibrating screen and air separation to remove the shell.After the cacao beans were unshelled, the cocoa kernel was required to contain about 1.5% of the shell.After the domestic cacao bean is broken, the shell rate reaches the international advanced standard. (the shell rate in the foreign cacao kernel is 1.75%.)

The alkalization of cacao is also called prophase alkalization.The cocoa bean is slightly acidic, with a PH of 5.5 ~ 5.6. The purpose of alkalization is to adjust the PH value.The alkaline cocoa powder has a strong cocoa flavor, and the alkaline cacao has a spicy and irritating volatile acid, which is neutralized after the alkalization.

The cacao kernel is made twice, first known as pregrind and second best.After the cocoa kernel is made into chocolate paste, the fineness of the paste requires 200 items to reach 97% ~ 98%.The chocolate sauce can be further processed to produce high value cocoa butter, which is generally separated from the cocoa butter by pressing.At the chocolate processing plant, the chocolate sauce produces a variety of chocolate products through the ingredients, and the chocolate sauce is alkalized at the end of the squeeze.

Hydraulic Oil Press Machine, the main equipment used for sesame and cocoa bean oil, may be reliable

The extracted cocoa butter is filtered, cooled, weighed and packaged into cocoa butter products.


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