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different type peanut oil press machine have different function

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peanut oil press machine
peanut oil press machine material excellent workmanship: is made of high carbon steel, after high frequency quenching, the heat treatment of the surface, high hardness, strength, good abrasion resistance, adapt to high temperature and high pressure for homework, improved the using life of oil press, using the work of decades.Reasonable utility press press chamber spiral: using multilevel advance gradual pressure, make the pressing chamber pressure increases agility, make oil one-time fission separation, then USES the infrared temperature control system, active pressing temperature and moisture, moderate pressure to soften oil directly to activate the oil molecules, squeezing the same, a bleed, improved yield efficiency greatly.
Before the material embryo of peanut oil press machine is pressed, the pretreatment process must be pretreated. The pretreatment quality will directly affect the normal working and oil discharge rate of the oil mill.Different oil materials have different preprocessing requirements, but mainly include the following items: peanut oil press machine.Enters the oil contains some impurities (sand, gravel, iron filings, etc.), if not careful cleaning, can accelerate the oil press internal parts wear and tear, lower yield efficiency, even breakdowns and accidents.The equipment is: cleaning sieve, stone removing machine, magnetic separator, etc.peanut oil press machine pieces.Some oil can be repressed into the press, but after crushing and rolling, it can obviously improve the oil yield.The equipment is: crusher, rolling machine, etc.Multi-functional temperature control of oil press speculation Active poured out: Fried material of black and white, directly affect the quality of the product and the yield efficiency, there are "three press, 7 minutes of Fried, Fried visible material in the process of oil mainly, and the key of Fried material quality and installation for the machine.Frying machine in our company adopts gear drive, the models are all installed equipment vibration noise reduction, increasing steel plate and fry the chamber volume, available many kinds of heating fuel heating (coal, electricity, gas firewood, etc.), common heating, quick fry material such as design concept

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