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hydraulic oil press machine quality and price which is more important?

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2017 / 08 / 22

hydraulic oil press machine

hydraulic oil press machine which is more important with the quality, the price of energy conservation and environmental protection which is more important oil mill price and quality, some people buy hydraulic oil press machine, always want to buy the cheap and good quality oil mill, I can only say that this is possible, the discretion of the price of hydraulic oil press machine can be reflected from the side press the stand or fall of quality and performance, we first analyze the current market price of screw press, take the henan production of new row machine, for instance, hydraulic oil press machine, is also 100 type equipment, some offer 10067, some offer 20056, oil mill price nearly ten thousand dollars, rational consumers may know "one point price one point goods," irrational only covet is cheap consumer thinks, this must be squeezed vendors would want to kill me, these two kinds of different ideas, decided to the two individuals to buy oil press after different fate.

Formal hydraulic oil press machine manufacturer production, oil mill, use is real, take our mechanical squeezer, pressing bar used 12 alloy are complex, and small workshops, jerry, don't say squeezer and pressing bar material, even the frame with steel are can province province, as well as technology costs, our machine has a strong r&d team, we have accumulated rich technical resources, to master the core technology, it also need cost.
And small workshops, just generic appearance, as to what the core technology is not care so much, in addition to these two factors, lead to press the price is different and the cost of after-sales, normal manufacturer of after-sales service is very perfect, installation and debugging, fault handling, fault, and so on, the door handle are guaranteed, the price of oil press cheap small workshops, quality is poor, how also expect their after-sales service.
Above factor is the cause of hydraulic oil press machine price difference, the masses of consumers to buy hydraulic oil press machine to distinguish this, when I meet a lot of buying small workshops later, when come to our factory to buy cheap hydraulic oil press machine oil mill customers, these customers often complain about how hateful liar is, I have great sympathy for them, but they don't realize that there is a little formal because they showed to be cheated, also have a responsibility to yourself, I hope you buy oil press can reason, should be the first consideration is the quality of the oil mill, rather than the price of oil press.

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